Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Good News

Since our last post we have had issues with the pre-conditions established between ourselves and Mr. John Hogan.

Two members of our group left for an hour and a half and were refused entry back into the Fine Art Lecture Theatre.

Obviously this broke the agreement that the occupation had made with the university registrar and came as an outrage to us.

Fortunately though, after much deliberation and protesting to the security staff and a phone call to Mr. Hogan they were let back into the occupied space. The security staff seemed to be employing a tactic of singling small numbers of people out and pleading ignorance of them ever being here upon their return. We made it clear that we wanted to see the CCTV footage of these activists leaving maybe it was no coincidence that they were allowed to rejoin?

In an addition to this, a group of 8 activists have been allowed to join the occupation. This happened at around 9:20 and has been a massive boost to morale. As far as we know the security let these activists into the Fine Art Building after a lengthy conversation about the reasons we are here.


1 comment:

  1. Excellent news about more people joining the occupation. And well done for persevering when they tried to stop people getting back in!

    Support for this action is spreading extremely fast, locally and beyond. Keep the flag flying for all of us, and for Palestine...