Sunday, 22 March 2009

End of term update

Apologies for the silence on here. This is just a quick note to explain why, and to assure that is no bad sign: we're as busy as ever!

Term finished at Newcastle University this week, and we held a post-occupation public meeting. Discussed in this meeting was plans for the ongoing campaign, next terms activities and some wider talk about the broader aims, objectives and tactics of the Newcastle University Gaza Solidarity Campaign (NUGSC). Largely though, our discussions have been focused on responding to University management's version of the post-negotiation situation (e.g. their practical response to our demands). The blog will be updated as soon as we have formulated a response to each demand, which will be very soon. The Pro VC and Registrar seem to have understood our negotiations in the same light as we have, which is good (details of this meeting are in a post below, with details of demands met etc). They have requested however that we take down some images from this site (of the occupation) that might be considered offensive to some Jewish or Israeli members of the University. We are formulating a response to this and also to the Jewish Society at the University, clearly explaining that our campaign is anti-racist and not in any way anti-semetic. Both these documents will also be here soon. We are also busy putting together the beginning of a dossier on disinvestment to present to the Exective Board (as a result of one of our demands) after the Easter break.

So - we're busy, and that's why we're quiet. But watch this space - lots of information will be available about how the campaign is progressing very soon.

Thanks for your patience and solidarity.


  1. you are so two faced, the university asks you to do something and you 'formulate a repsonse' however you 'demand' things of them.

    Do you really think you have the upper ground here? Do you really think you are something special, get a grip, the university is only paying lip service to you as it doesnt affect it in any subsantial way.

    Please, wake up - you are only kidding yourselves

  2. Sounds promising - it's obviously vital to sustain and broaden the campaign after the occupation. And it's good that you aren't compromising with the authorities on the absurd claims of anti-semitism - giving way on such nonsense is a slippery slope.

  3. We entered negotiations on our demands with Uni Management before the end of term. They then went away to write up the resolutions we had come to on our demands (see post below for our version of the result of the meeting). They have then sent us a document with the proposed actions that will now be taken on our demands. It is this that we are forumulating a response to - along the lines of more practical considerations, rather than ideological ones about the actual demands. Our demands have been met or put into action to fufil them by the University Management, and we are now on pretty good terms with those members of staff involved.

  4. I am curious, what are the anti-Semitic signs that you are required to remove?

  5. There was a sign that said something along the lines of 'Free Palestine, from the River to the Sea' which the University felt was problematic. A one state solution, or the rejection of the Israeli state, were view points certainly of some within our occupation, but they are not view points of the campaign itself.